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For situations where you need a superior solution when working with preexisting equipment or spaces, Excel has you covered. We offer many dock boards to suit your needs.

Our extensive relationship with Copperloy allows us to place the highest confidence in their ability to manufacture A-grade, dependable dock plates for your loading docks. Our heavy-duty dock boards are available in many specifications and provide years of use at your loading docks. Join many who’ve placed their trust in our knowledge and expertise.

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Loading Dock Boards

Copperloy offers a large variety of loading dock boards for light to rough applications. They manufacture steel dock boards with welded steel curbs, aluminum dock boards with bolt-on steel curbs and aluminum dock boards with welded aluminum. Capacities offered range from 10,000 lb to 20,000 lb with many sizes available. Copperloy’s dock boards consist of heavy-duty tread and light-wight, non-corrosive materials for a long service life at your loading docks.

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Loading Dock Plates

Loading dock plates are essentially of a plate of metal used to bridge the gap between a truck / trailer and your loading dock floor. They generally have a slight bend for an easy transition and do not have curbs, making them ideal for pallet jacks and dollies. They are also used on applications with sharp turns due to the lack of curbs that could be an unwanted obstacle. Dock plates are used on lighter-duty applications and are offered in either aluminum or steel construction.

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