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Maintaining a safe and quick operation not only helps your productivity, but it also helps your mental attitude by giving you the peace of mind knowing you're always covered.

We are partnered with leading manufactures of loading dock and warehouse safety equipment to ensure our clients only receive quality safety products, adding an extra layer of protection and confidence in your operations. From trailer jacks and dock door track guards to wheel chocks, we’re sure to have the truck dock accessories you’re looking for.

cleveland loading dock guide lights, dock guide lights

Loading Dock Guide Lights

LED loading dock guide lights provide safety and accuracy in landing approaching trucks at your loading dock. Through the use of 12 LEDs and 12v operation, the truck dock guide lights consume less energy and are easily retrofitted. With a high-strength ABS light housing, the guide lights are shock and vibration proof, providing many years of use at your loading dock. A keyed on/off switch and LED indicator light informs the dock personnel that the guide lights are illuminated.

warehouse truck dock door edge lights

Dock Door Safety Edge Lights

Loading dock door edge lights dramatically increase communication and safety at your loading dock. Mounted on both sides of the interior wall above the dock door, edge lights provide clear communication for dock personnel on a trailer’s loading / unloading status. Safety edge lights can be interlocked with Poweramp®’s TPR/UniLock vehicle restraints or other communication systems to allow for automated communication and increased efficiency at your loading docks.

cleveland loading dock leveler seals, loading dock weather seals cleveland

Loading Dock Weatherseals

From dock leveler seals to overhead door seals, weatherseals are designed to reduce energy costs by closing gaps that cause large energy loss at your facility. We offer a wide variety of loading dock weatherseals, including: door strips, dock leveler seals, under-leveler draft pads, and many more. Materials include brush, rubber, foam and vinyl seals depending on the facility application and can be retrofitted to all materials handling equipment present at your facility.

loading dock leveler pit draft curtain

Dock Leveler Pit Draft Curtain

Dock leveler draft curtains seal the dock pit while the leveler is active to help prevent loss of heating and cooling energy from the building, which results in cost savings at your facility. Dock leveler curtains also help prevent dust, debris and pests from entering into your building. Draft curtains include Velcro® attachments across the top of the leveler header to allow for easy entry when performing dock leveler maintenance. They are custom fit for any brand of dock leveler.

loading dock steps cleveland, loading dock wall step

Loading Dock Flip-Up Step

Loading dock flip-up steps allow for quick and easy access on vertical walls where accessibility is otherwise difficult. Constructed of high-strength steel, the dock flip-up step is sized at 9″ D x 14″ W x 1-1/2″ H. The serrated top grating allows for maximum grip and slip-resistance. The truck dock flip-up step eliminates the need for ladders and easily accommodates larger feet. The dock flip-up step is designed to meet OSHA 1910.24(f) stair tread requirements.

cleveland middleburg loading dock safety

Loading Dock Door Track Guards

Exclusive through Allied Solutions, we offer heavy duty dock door Track Guards designed to absorb light impact from fork trucks and pallets while keeping your door tracks protected. Allied’s Track Guards are powder coated safety-yellow, making it easy for fork truck operations to see the edges of the door opening. They are avilable in 24″, 36″ and 48″ sizes, all made out of heavy duty 3/16″ track plate with a 1/2″ base plate. They work on both automatic and mechanical doors.

cleveland elyria loading dock bumper guide stripe

Loading Dock Bumper Guide Strips

Exclusive through Allied Solutions, we offer loading dock Bumper Guide Strips to make your docks more visible and assist drivers with alignment. Allied’s Guide Strips reflect both sunlight and vehicle lights. They install in minutes using drive-in concrete anchors without the need for professional installers. They are UV protected for maximum life and have an aluminum back to prevent rust. The Bumper Guide Strips are laser printed with multi-directional, reflective material.

cleveland mentor rubber loading dock wheel chocks

Loading Dock Wheel Chocks

Loading dock wheel chocks help prevent truck / trailer movement during the loading and unloading processes. As required per OSHA 1910.178(k) guideline, wheel chocks also help prevent “trailer creep”, which is the event of a truck / trailer creeping away from the loading dock during regular loading / unloading. We offer a variety of wheel chocks including rubber, metal, urethane, and even recycled tire. All of the loading dock wheel chocks we offer meet OSHA guidelines.

cleveland loading dock trailer jacks

Loading Dock Semi-Trailer Jacks

Trailer Jacks are used in loading dock operations for stabilizing and leveling parked trailers while being loaded / unloaded. Copperloy’s Trailer Jacks offer unbeatable strangth and durability, with 50,000 lbs of lifting capacity and 100,000 lbs static capacity. The height ranges from 34.5″ up to 50″, with the top plate being 7.5″ in diameter. Copperloy’s Trailer Jacks weigh 115 lbs and comply with OSHA standards. The triangular base is 20″ and is equipped with 8″ wheels.

cleveland loading dock signs, loading dock signs

Loading Dock Signs

Loading dock signs help any warehouse or facility operate safely and efficiently. Custom made to order, our loading dock signs use outdoor quality, UV protected vinyl on .040 aluminum plates. The vinyl is available in 6 standard and 80 custom colors (including reflective colors), with aluminum plates available in 22 colors and many sizes. Offered with square or circular edges, various mounting hole patterns are available in standard-view or mirror-view options.

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