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As all businesses knows, efficiency is key to running a successful operation. But how is this achieved? Starting at your loading docks, Excel Solutions only offers truck dock seals designed to last years, reduce energy costs, and keep contaminants out.

Our partnership with Fairborn USA allows us to outfit loading docks across the Cleveland and Akron region with truck dock seals engineered to stand the test of time, with a variety of durable materials. We educate ourselves on each dock seal application so the trailers your dock services achieve a quality seal, every time.

Akron Truck Loading Dock Seal Pad

Series 1000 Dock Seal

Fairborn’s Series 1000 Dock Seal saves you money on your energy bills while providing airtight protection to your loading dock area. The Series 1000 is most effective when servicing uniform vehicles at a dock having common parameters. Dock seals that properly eliminate the gap between a trailer and a loading dock allow for increased safety while ensuring maximum employee comfort and efficiency, keeping your facility’s atmosphere free from air-borne contaminants.

Akron Truck Loading Dock Seal Pad

Series 1400 Dock Seal

The Series 1400 Dock Seal was designed to effectively service varying height vehicles at a wide range of door heights. The structurally supported head curtain on the Series 1400 is sloped to ensure adequate drainage while being held taut by tension straps at each end. To ensure maximum durability, the Series 1400 (as with all Fairborn dock products) is available in Fairborn’s superior performance materials, proven to out-perform any fabric in today’s dock shelter market.

Akron Loading Dock Canopy Seal

Series 1600 WeatherGuard Header

The Series 1600 WeatherGuard Header provides heavy protection to your loading docks against inclement weather . Fairborn’s WeatherGuard is ideal when the drive approach slopes toward the dock opening causing rain water to funnel into the dock area affecting employee safety and damaging cargo. The Series 1600 weatherseal will accommodate virtually any dock seal or shelter, even competitive units, providing a custom fit for your loading dock requirements.

Akron Loading Dock Shelter Enclosure

Series 2000 Rigid Dock Shelter

The Series 2000 Rigid Dock Shelter incorporates flexible fabric curtains to “hug” the top and sides of the truck body upon entering the unit. For a snug fit, Scotchply stays are encased into all faces of the fabric cover while the edges of each side curtain are fitted with a sewn-in, compressible neoprene cord to conform to the truck body’s irregularities. The Series 2000 uses a treated wood frame (steel available) with fabric or fiberglass side-covers for years of use at your loading dock.

Akron Truck Loading Dock Shelters

Series 2200 Soft-Sided Dock Shelter

The Series 2200 Soft-Sided Dock Shelter uses flexible fabric curtains to “hug” the top and sides of the truck body upon entering the unit. Dock shelters are designed to accommodate the widest range of trailer and building variation while providing unobstructed access to your loading dock. The Series 2200’s fabric covered side members utilize high density foam to protect against damage caused by misaligned trailers while providing firm contact and proper weather protection.

Akron Fabric Truck Dock Shelters

Series 2500 Flexible Dock Shelter

The Series 2500 Flexible Dock Shelter incorporates flexible fabric curtains to “hug” the truck body upon entering the unit and also uses foam pads at the lower corners to prevent air infiltration as well as translucent cover panels to permit natural light penetration. The flexible side frame assemblies are equipped with plated compression springs to ensure the unit stays firmly projected in the extended position, creating a tight fit to the vehicle body.

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