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Facility handrails and guardrails protect your team, equipment and materials from accidents and vehicle impacts. From roof handrail to dock door guardrail, we have you protected.

We work to provide clients with unmatched steel guardrail and handrail protection at their facilities in the Cleveland and Akron region. The unique warehouse guardrails and handrails we offer are constructed with a special coating which never requires painting! Many guardrail systems are shipped with easy-install components, saving you money.

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Heavy-Duty Industrial Guardrails

Ideal Shield’s patented heavy-duty guardrail is built using 6″ schedule 40 steel pipe rails and 4″ schedule 80 steel pipe posts. Their unique design is the strongest guardrail on the market with the ability to absorb an impact from a 12,000 lb forklift traveling at 8 mph. Covered in Ideal Shield’s custom HDPE plastic, their guardrails require no maintenance or painting and don’t need to be replaced after every impact, unlike the competition. Available in yellow and gray.

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Dock Door Goal Post Guardrails

Ideal Shield’s goal post style guardrail systems are designed to protect your overhead doors from impact damage. The goal post dock door protection we provide is constructed from 6″ steel posts and 4″ schedule 40 steel pipe cross bar. They ship in three (3) sections for quick installation, resulting in money saved. Loading dock door guardrail protection is ideal for warehouses / distribution centers, clean rooms and cold storage facilities. Custom specs are available.

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Roof Handrail Fall Protection

Roof fall protection is an integral component of a safe facility. Ideal Shield’s steel roof handrails meet current OSHA fall protection and load requirement standards are are designed to prevent accidents. Safety roof handrails ship fully assembled with no welding required, reducing labor costs. Ideal Shield’s safety roof handrails are available in many colors, styles and specifications to meet your facility requirements. Resistant to rusting, they require no maintenance or painting.

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