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Lighting up your loading docks not only increase your operation's safety, it also increases efficiency by lighting up the area, allowing your team to work with ease. From trailer lights, fans, dock signal lights and more, we improve safety at your truck dock.

We’ve partnered with leading companies including Tri Lite and Poweramp to make your loading docks a safer area to operate in. We offer loading dock signal lights (available with alarms) as well as loading dock trailer lights and fans to decrease the chance of accidents and allow your team to work at a well-lit loading dock.

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Loading Dock Trailer Lights

A leader in their field, Tri Lite provides unmatched loading dock lights across Ohio and the nation. They come with multiple arm structures, from single-strut to flex-arm, and many materials to ensure you can always count on your loading docks being well-lit. Their polycarbonate model won’t chip or break, and coupled with their LED light which doesn’t burn or transfer heat, you’ll have an unbeatable configuration. We offer a large array of loading dock lights – give us a call to find out more!

warehouse truck dock door edge lights

Dock Door Safety Edge Lights

Loading dock door edge lights dramatically increase communication and safety at your loading dock. Mounted on both sides of the interior wall above the dock door, edge lights provide clear communication for dock personnel on a trailer’s loading / unloading status. Safety edge lights can be interlocked with Poweramp®’s TPR/UniLock vehicle restraints or other dock signal lights to allow for automated communication and improved efficiency at your loading docks.

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Loading Dock Alert Signal Lights

PoweRamp’s Dock Alert Communication System is a simple, reliable and cost effective loading dock signal system. Dock Alert provides a clear line of communication between truck drivers and dock personnel, thereby reducing the risk of accidents at the loading dock. The system uses flashing red and green lights to inform truck drivers and forklift operators of the status of the loading or unloading operation. It comes in both manual or automatic activation.

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Loading Dock Guide Lights

LED loading dock guide lights provide safety and accuracy in landing approaching trucks at your loading dock. Through the use of 12 LEDs and 12v operation, the loading dock guide lights consume less energy and are easily retrofitted. With a high-strength ABS light housing, our dock guide lights are shock and vibration proof, providing many years of use at your loading dock. A keyed on/off switch and LED indicator light informs the operator that the lights are illuminated.

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