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Moving materials and people from one level to another safely and effectively at a facility is a science. That's why we're partnered with the leading lift manufactures in the industry. The best lifting solutions are engineered for your application.

Driving down costs and optimizing your operations for fast, efficient logistics is an art and a science. Understanding this science is crucial to achieving a successful operation. Across the Cleveland and Akron region, we only provide superior freight lifts and vertical conveyors to keep costs low and productivity high.

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Series B Package Handling Lift

Ideal for lifting boxes, totes, cartons, parts and materials to mezzanines and between floors, PFlow’s Series B Mechanical Package Handling Lift is your reliable solution. With a standard carriage size of 3′ by 3′, the Series B vertical conveyor conforms to ASME B20.1 safety requirements. The Series B package lift offers a standard travel speed of 30 fpm and is equipped with a cover gate that hinges right and locks left, or the opposite depending on your preference.

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Series F Mechanical Lift

Great for indoor or outdoor applications, the Series F Mechanical Lift by PFlow was designed to meet ASME B20.1 safety requirements and offers loading or unloading from all four sides. The carriage of the Series F vertical conveyor is offered in unlimited sizes and is lifted and lowered via a heavy-duty roller chain with no maximum vertical rise. The standard travel speed of the Series F freight lift is 20 fpm, with PFlow’s patented DeckLock Safety System optional.

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Series M Mechanical Lift

Perfect for industrial applications, PFlow’s Series M Mechanical Freight Lift can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The Series M is available with PFlow’s patented DeckLock Safety System and is designed to meet ASME B20.1 safety requirements. With unlimited carriage sized and a maximum vertical rise of 200′, the Series M vertical conveyor has a standard travel speed of 25 to 30 fpm. The Series M carriage is lifted and lowered via a heavy-duty roller chain on a two-post design.

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Series 21 Hydraulic Lift

PFlow’s Series 21 Hydraulic Material Lift is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and meets ASME B20.1 safety requirements. The carriage on the Series 21 is lifted and lowered by two hydraulic cylinders and equalized by a torsion bar, with carriage sizes available up to 12′ by 10′. The Series 21 is offered with a maximum vertical rise of 22′ and a standard travel speed 24 fpm (available up to 35 fpm). The maximum weight capacity of PFlow’s Series 21 Hydraulic Lift is 6,000 lb.

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Series D Hydraulic Lift

As with most of PFlow’s vertical lifts, the Series D Hydraulic Freight Lift is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and meets ASME B20.1 safety requirements. PFlow’s unique guided Dual-Pak design provides superior long-term performance. The Series D Hydraulic Lift has carriage sizes up to 6′ by 6′ and a vertical rise of up to 15′. The standard travel speed of the Series D hydraulic freight lift is 17 fpm (available up to 25 fpm) and has a maximum weight capacity of 4,000 lb.

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Series DB Package Handling Lift

The Series DB Package Handling Freight Lift is a completely self-contained and self-supporting vertical reciprocating conveyor designed to save space and reduce costs. The Series DB provides high throughput of loads and moves them between levels. Loading and unloading is an option from three sides and is available with variable frequency or Servo drive packages. The standard carriage size on the Series DB package lift is 3′ by 3′ and has travel speeds ranging from 60 to 600 fpm.

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