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cleveland mayfield mezzanine lifts, modular offices
While the design process for modular offices is not as involved as it is for mezzanines, both require dedicated attention to detail and a complete understanding of each application.

We’ve partnered with the leading fabricator of modular offices and mezzanines to completely transform your Cleveland or Akron facility and maximize real estate without the need for new construction, saving you time and money. Portafab’s focus on quality and design propels them to the top, allowing us to place confidence in their products.

cleveland mayfield modular offices, industrial warehouse office

Modular Offices

We’re ready to completely outfit your facility with Portafab’s modular office systems, designed to endure years of use by your team. “Quick Ship” options are available for immediate solutions, with sizes ranging from 8′ x 8′ to 20′ x 40′. Modular offices are ideal for a variety of applications, from factory offices and inspection rooms to parts storage and printing rooms. With virtually an unlimited number of options and variations available, please call us to discuss details.

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Industrial Mezzanines

Designing a mezzanine is not like other equipment where a size and capacity can be specified and a solution can be given. Mezzanines are heavily dependent on each application and have many variables that must be taken into consideration. Portafab’s mezzanines are engineered with heavy-duty components – beams, decks and columns – to ensure the integrity of the structure and keep your team protected. Give us a call today to discuss the requirements for your project.

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