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Excel is proud to offer Poweramp's exclusive and comprehensive line of loading dock equipment. Our partnership with Poweramp enables us to completely outfit your loading docks with powerfully safe equipment.

In the Cleveland and Akron region, we provide Poweramp’s exclusive Vertical Storing Dock Levelers (great for foodservice facilities), Edge-of-Dock plates, and more! Since our inception, we’ve worked to educate ourselves on making your dock a safer and more productive work environment.

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VS Series Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

Poweramp’s® VS Series vertical dock leveler offers unmatched environmental control for customers with food storage or temperature sensitive applications. Using a vertical storing dock leveler improves cleanliness, overhead door protection, increased security, improved productivity and easy maintenance. The VS is offered in 6′, 6’6″, & 7′ standard widths and 5′ & 6′ standard lengths. Standard capacities for vertical levelers are 40K, 45K, & 50K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating).

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Edge-of-Dock Leveler

Poweramp® edge-of-dock levelers mount directly to the dock face and provide a recommended working range of +/-3″ and a maximum operating range of +/-5″ above or below dock. The units are offered with either mechanical or hydraulic operation. Mechanically operated EOD levelers are the largest selling EOD levelers in the industry. With careful engineering and rugged construction, you can expect an extended life coupled with safe and easy operation.

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Lizard Lip Dock Leveler

The Lizard Lip dock leveler is a hydraulic leveler with an extendable lip to reach the back of trailers. The Lizard Lip is equipped with a telescopic platform and also has an optional hydraulic barrier. When the leveler is not in use, the barrier stops lift trucks from driving over the dock edge while protecting the overhead door from damage. When the leveler is activated, the barrier retracts fully. Unlike other barriers, this unit operates independently of the leveler.

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XL Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Poweramp’s® XL Hydraulic dock levelers are the ultimate in heavy-duty hydraulic dock equipment. The XL’s complete hydraulic system includes fluid logic block technology engineered and manufactured by Poweramp®. The XL Series comes in 8′, 8’6″, & 9′ standard widths and 8′, 10′, & 12′ standard lengths. For sizes outside of these, please contact us to discuss your project requirements. Standard capacities for the XL Series are 45K, 50K, 60K, & 80K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating).

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PowerLift Truck Trailer Leveler

Many of the truck / trailer bed heights of today’s world don’t reach standard dock height. To correct this issue, Poweramp has developed the revolutionary PowerLift hydraulic truck leveler. The PowerLift makes loading and unloading uncommon trailers safe and easy by eliminating the hazards you find with other dock leveling equipment. Pit-mounted or surface-mounted models accommodate a variety of trailer sizes to increase your servicing capabilities.

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iDock Controller

The technologically advanced iDock Controls provide a superior and efficient interface with membrane dome button technology for ease of use and an interactive message display for valuable equipment usage data, instructions, notifications and other information. With the use of a 3-color LED light assembly, iDock Controls clearly indicate the operating conditions of your loading dock for enhanced safety. Available integration with Poweramp® dock equipment.

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