Collection: Dock Leveler Springs

Dock leveler springs are the source of power that allows mechanical dock levelers to raise and lower in a controlled manner. The loading dock main spring commonly connects to a pull bar that pulls on a lifting arm, which in turn raises the deck of the mechanical dock leveler. Lifting springs come in all lengths, sizes, diameters, and wire sizes to accommodate the various models and brands that all have their own unique interpretation of dock leveler design.

Dock leveler springs are small but critical parts of your equipment that you can’t afford to have break out. At Excel Solutions, you can find a wide variety of loading dock springs and more to ensure you can replace the worn-out parts of your dock leveler. This doesn’t just keep your dock leveler operating well; it also saves you from having to replace the entire system. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to help you find the springs you need for your dock levelers!

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