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Equipment Upgrades

Equipment Upgrades

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Throughout our meetings with clients, the question comes up: How can we enhance the safety and performance of our dock without replacing our existing equipment? We have your answer. Through a large array of loading dock equipment upgrades, you can revitalize the life and performance of your equipment, and improve your overall safety and efficiency. With the simple addition of loading dock edge lights or a dock leveler hydraulic conversion, enhancing your dock comes at a great savings! Take a look below at the various upgrades we offer, and call us when you're ready.

Loading Dock Safety Edge Lights

Enhance your loading dock communication with safety edge lights. They mount above the interior dock door, and flash red or green for a clear signal on the status of your dock.

Dock Leveler Hydraulic Conversion

The simple conversion of a mechanical dock leveler to a push-button hydraulic dock leveler offers the lowest cost and maintenance of operating a leveler, and added safety features.

Dock Leveler Tough Strut

The Poweramp® Tough Strut provides added safety and platform support when your leveler is undergoing maintenance. It mounts between the leveler and pit to prevent collapse.

Dock Leveler & Door Weatherseals

Loading dock leveler and dock door weatherseals prevent air, insects, and rodents from entering your facility, and provide for added energy savings (especially if you have many docks).

Dock Leveler Hold-Down Upgrade

Secure your dock leveler from popping up with a simple hold-down upgrade. This proactive measure ensures your leveler is secure and does not prevent you from closing your dock door.

Loading Dock Remodel or Repair

Replacing your rusted and bent loading dock pit pans, curb angle, and busted concrete enhances personnel safety, facility security, and the visual appeal of your facility's loading docks.

Loading Dock Lights

Dock communication lights and trailer lights allow for added safety for your dock personnel. Lights enhance your productivity and OSHA compliance, available in LED or incandescent.

Loading Dock Bumpers

Prevent trucks from hitting your wall by replacing dock bumpers that are falling off your wall. They are available in many sizes and materials (rubber, steel-faced, molded, and more).

If you're looking for local and first-rate loading dock equipment, high performance doors, or freight lifts in the Cleveland and Akron Ohio region, we are your solution.

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Mechanical Dock Leveler - Poweramp

Dock Leveler Basics

A dock leveler is used in materials handling operations as a platform that rests on a truck or trailer bed to allow material movement at a loading dock.

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Whether or not you already know it, a great deal of knowledge is required to outfit a facility with proper equipment and make sure it operates as intended. Instead of blindly delivering equipment, we gather the preliminary data necessary to provide the correctly spec’d equipment for your project. Doing so not only saves you in costs associated with efficiency, but it also ensures you receive the most from your purchase and keeps you from buying the product again prematurely. One great example is loading dock seals. Dock seals require custom fitting to your loading docks with many characteristics taken into account. Without the right information regarding your operations, incorrectly sized dock seals could be purchased and installed, leading to large building gaps and energy loss.

Your operations are unique to your production and facility needs to deliver an unmatched product, which begs the question: why shouldn’t your loading docks be unique as well? Your loading docks are the first and last area to see product and materials entering and leaving your facility. Excel understands the importance of efficient and safe operations, and has the people with knowledge and skills ready to deliver on an excellent loading dock design. Having a properly designed loading dock with the properly spec’d equipment not only reduces costs through energy savings and improved productivity, but it also saves you from replacing your equipment prematurely.

Dealing with an equipment supplier without properly trained technicians could be a large loss to your organization. Without knowledgeable technicians performing repairs on your equipment, problems with your equipment could go unsolved or missed and incorrect parts ordered, leading to losses in time and money. Excel only works with competent technicians without gouging our clients’ pockets – the only way to conduct business.