Collection: Freight Lifts in Cleveland, OH

Moving materials and people from one level to another safely and effectively at a warehouse, distribution center, or industrial facility is a science. That's why the freight lifts Excel Solutions® offers are engineered to be tested against tough applications. We offer material elevators and freight lifts that can drive costs down and make your operations leaner and faster.

Understanding cargo lift elevators is crucial to helping our customers achieve a successful operation. Across the Cleveland and Akron region, we offer superior industrial freight elevators and vertical conveyors to keep costs low and productivity high.

Many modern warehouses and distribution centers maintain complex operations that combine mezzanine office spaces with working warehouse floors or that maintain storage on multiple levels. Freight lifts from Excel Solutions® help streamline operations and keep goods and supplies moving, avoiding bottlenecks and dangerous aisle blockages that risk confusion and injury. When table lifts aren’t sufficient, contact Excel Solutions® in Northeast Ohio and let us help you select industrial freight elevators that will work for your facility.

Our experience and expertise in loading dock doors and equipment, design, installation, and repair complement our knowledge of material elevators and freight lifts and how best to put them to use in your specific facility. Contact Excel Solutions® in Cleveland or Akron, OH, to discuss how we can help you improve your operations, creating efficiencies that save you money and boost productivity.