Collection: Specialty Dock Levelers

Collection: A Dock Leveler for Any Application!

Specialty dock levelers great for projects that require special consideration beyond a standard dock leveler's capabilities. These dock levelers include vertical storing (VS), oversized, truck levelers, and extendable lip plate levelers.


Vertical storing dock levelers are often considered for food and cold storage applications. This is due to their clean installation, leaving no gaps at the door when stored. Depending on the environment, they can also allow for trailer doors to open inside of the loading dock.

Oversized dock levelers are great for using the most space of the door opening, reducing the risk of fork lift run off. They provide a stable platform for cargo transfer.

Truck levelers are used when a dock has more than one truck with varying bed heights. They increase your handling capabilities at your loading dock.

The telescoping platform of the Lizard Lip dock leveler makes it easy to reach further onto the trailer floor. The Lizard Lip is used when there is a significant gap or variation in the disctance between the dock and bed of a truck or trailer. These types of dock levelers are designed to provide additional reach or extension beyond the standard lip length.


CentraPower is offered at docks of multiple quantities to centralize the power plant of your equipment. For applications with at least six hydraulic levelers, CentraPower eliminates the need to operate and maintain multiple individual pumping stations by combining them into one single station. Having one power system reduces maintenance and service to your loading dock.

On new construction, the reduction of electrical runs, disconnects, and control wiring can produce significant cost savings.