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Loading Dock Design

Loading Dock Design

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Navigating the terrain of loading dock equipment can be challenging. There are many variables to take into account and a great deal of knowledge required to accurately outfit a facility with the right equipment and traffic flow pattern. You want a partner that understands your project requirements and the way your organization operates. Excel Solutions® can be that partner for you.

Put our expertise in loading dock layout to work for you with our loading dock design services. Over our years of experience, we’ve seen all types of warehouse dock designs and industrial facilities that suffered inefficiencies due to poor loading dock layouts. We’ve helped hundreds of Cleveland-area businesses improve their operations with loading dock designs that boost efficiency, enhance safety, and accelerate operations.

We’ll get to know the ins and outs of your operation, your pain points in moving materials on and off trucks, and the concerns about your loading dock design that keep you up at night. With Excel Solutions® casting a fresh eye on your dock equipment, setup, and operations, you can be confident you’ll get a proposed solution that will ease your anxieties and get your business moving faster with lower overall dock maintenance costs and greater safety.

Knowing the characteristics that make a loading dock safe and effective are pertinent in defining the right solution. Foresight and a thorough comprehension of the material handling industry are imperative to the right loading dock design. From cold storage to warehousing and distribution, Excel has seen it all, and we’re here to assist you in creating a complete and personalized loading dock design that will meet all your needs.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees—we get it. When your chief concern is simply moving material in and out of your facility as quickly and accurately as possible, it’s hard to step back and take a critical look at whether your loading dock layout is really working as well as it should. That’s where Excel Solutions® can step in and show you exactly where you’re losing time, stressing your equipment, and even endangering your employees. We’ll provide you with a new and more effective loading dock layout that will leave you wondering, “Why didn’t we do it this way before?” But you don’t have time to spend sketching out ideas for moving things around, installing new and different types of doors, or deploying a new and more versatile type of dock leveler. We can do all that for you and more. We can create a loading dock design that is more efficient, requires less maintenance, and even reduces losses from accidents, collisions, or dock downtime. Call Excel Solutions® for a consultation on loading dock layout and design today. It may be the best call you ever make for your business.

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If you're looking for local and first-rate loading dock equipment, high performance doors, or freight lifts in the Cleveland and Akron Ohio region, we are your solution.
Mechanical Dock Leveler - Poweramp

Dock Leveler Basics

A dock leveler is used in materials handling operations as a platform that rests on a truck or trailer bed to allow material movement at a loading dock.

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Whether or not you already know it, a great deal of knowledge is required to outfit a facility with proper equipment and make sure it operates as intended. Instead of blindly delivering equipment, we gather the preliminary data necessary to provide the correctly spec’d equipment for your project. Doing so not only saves you in costs associated with efficiency, but it also ensures you receive the most from your purchase and keeps you from buying the product again prematurely. One great example is loading dock seals. Dock seals require custom fitting to your loading docks with many characteristics taken into account. Without the right information regarding your operations, incorrectly sized dock seals could be purchased and installed, leading to large building gaps and energy loss.

Your operations are unique to your production and facility needs to deliver an unmatched product, which begs the question: why shouldn’t your loading docks be unique as well? Your loading docks are the first and last area to see product and materials entering and leaving your facility. Excel understands the importance of efficient and safe operations, and has the people with knowledge and skills ready to deliver on an excellent loading dock design. Having a properly designed loading dock with the properly spec’d equipment not only reduces costs through energy savings and improved productivity, but it also saves you from replacing your equipment prematurely.

Dealing with an equipment supplier without properly trained technicians could be a large loss to your organization. Without knowledgeable technicians performing repairs on your equipment, problems with your equipment could go unsolved or missed and incorrect parts ordered, leading to losses in time and money. Excel only works with competent technicians without gouging our clients’ pockets – the only way to conduct business.