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Excel is proud to offer Poweramp's exclusive and comprehensive line of loading dock equipment. Our partnership with Poweramp enables us to completely outfit your loading docks with powerfully safe equipment.

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated on working to educate ourselves on how to make your loading docks safe and productive work environments. Across the Cleveland and Akron area, we only provide superior dock lock restraints to improve your facility’s safety and performance.

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PowerHook® Trailer Restraint

The PowerHook® trailer restraint by Poweramp is the most effective loading dock restraint available on the market. The PowerHook® actively seeks, finds and secures a trailer’s Rear Impact Guard (RIG), eliminating potential problems between the truck and the dock leveler. The PowerHook® trailer restraint is firmly anchored in the loading dock pit for maximum holding strength, with the hook remaining recessed and protected behind the pit wall until activation.

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TPR® UniLock Trailer Restraint

Poweramp’s TPR® UniLock trailer restraint carries the title as the only truck trailer-positioned restraint that automatically eliminates the built-up pressure (“RIG Wedge”) which prevents other trailer restraints from retracting. The UniLock eliminates the extra step requiring the truck driver to reverse a trailer prior to retracting a restraint. The UniLock dock lock is designed to withstand a pulling force in excess of 32,000 lbs and has a vertical service range of 9″ to 30″.

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TPR® Trailer Restraint

Poweramp engineered their TPR® trailer restraint to automatically position itself and secure a trailer’s Rear Impact Guard (RIG), reducing the likelihood of premature trailer separation. The TPR® is designed to withstand a pulling force in excess of 32,000 lbs and has a horizontal service range of 4″ to 10″ from the face of the dock bumpers. Its vertical service range is 9″ to 27″ above the driveway. The TPR® restraint is highly adaptable to new or existing loading docks.

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PowerStop® Automatic Trailer Restraint

Poweramp designed the PowerStop® automatic trailer restraint (AAL) to be an easy-to-install and affordable restraining device. It’s engineered to withstand up to 32,000 lbs of force and has a horizontal service range of 0″ to 10″. Its vertical service range is 12″ to 29.5″ above the driveway. The PowerStop® can be integrated with any mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic dock leveler, making it extremely versatile for a wide variety of loading dock applications.

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PowerStop® Manual Trailer Restraint

The PowerStop® manual trailer restraint is designed to bring value and enhanced safety to your loading docks. As a non-impact, self-aligning and mechanically operated restraining device, the PowerStop® can withstand up to 32,000 lbs of force and has a horizontal service range of 0″ to 10″ (from the dock bumper face). Its vertical service range is 12″ to 29.5″ above the driveway surface. The PowerStop® is a versatile restraint and integrates with any dock leveler.

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iDock Controller

The technologically advanced iDock Controls provide a superior and efficient interface with membrane dome button technology for ease of use and an interactive message display for valuable equipment usage data, instructions, notifications and other information. With the use of a 3-color LED light assembly, iDock Controls clearly indicate the operating conditions of your loading dock for enhanced safety. Available integration with Poweramp® dock equipment.

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