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Collection: Mezzanine and Modular Office Solutions

While the design process for modular offices is not as involved as it is for mezzanines, both require dedicated attention to detail and a complete understanding of each application. We offer industrial modular offices and modular mezzanine offices to completely transform your Cleveland or Akron facility. Our industrial modular offices and modular mezzanine offices maximize your space without new construction, saving you money and time. The confidence we have in our offerings shows through in their quality and design.

With modular mezzanine offices, you can see and be close to the operations on your warehouse floor while still attending to clients and customers and meeting with your managers in a professional office environment. Plus, Excel Solutions® offers a selection of mezzanine lifts you can use to easily transfer boxes and packages from the warehouse floor up to your industrial modular offices on the mezzanine.

When you work with Excel Solutions® to design and install your modular mezzanine offices, you get expertise that helps you create an efficient, attractive, and professional office environment right above your industrial operation, with easy and safe access to both areas. Including a material lift in your design will enable efficient office operations without interfering with receiving, racking, picking, and packing goods in the warehouse. Talk with Excel Solutions® today to discuss your needs for a modular mezzanine office setup in the Cleveland or Akron areas.