Spring Tension Bars Explained

Spring Tension Bars Explained

On a pull-chain dock leveler, a spring tension bar (also referred to as a pull bar) connects the lifting springs to a lifting arm, countering the weight of the deck and allowing the deck to rise on activation.

Spring tension bars have many configurations depending on the layout and number of main springs. The are manufacture specific. Always consult the equipment Owner's Manual when identifying the components and parts of a dock leveler.

Due to the stresses that lifting springs can have on tension bars, it is always recommended to perform regular inspections, adjustments, and maintenance on dock levelers. This includes when a main spring inevitably breaks.

Tension bars typically have at least 2 springs pulling on the bar. When one or more breaks, this places undue stress on the tension bar leading to bent or broken tension bars. Inspect this component whenever replacing main springs to ensure a safe and well-functioning loading dock.

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