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Effectively protecting your team and equipment at your facility is a science, which is why we're partnered with one of the leading manufactures of proven safety enclosures.

Driving down costs and optimizing your operations for fast, efficient logistics is an art and a science. Understanding this science is crucial to achieving a successful operation. Across the Cleveland and Akron region, we only provide superior dock door security gates, door netting and more to keep your personnel safe and your facility secure.

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Industrial Safety Gates

Through our partnership with PFlow, we offer industrial safety gates of many styles. Every safety gate is equipped with a mechanical lock and contact interlocks, with manual loading applications requiring electrically and mechanically interlocking gates with the carriage movement. Styles of industrial safety gates include single and bi-parting swing gates, sliding gates and vertical acting gates. Pneumatic and motorized operators are available for vertical or sliding gates.

Loading Dock Door Forklift Safety Gate

Dock Door Safety Gates

The NOVA Dock Sentinel™ Safety Gate improves loading dock safety and prevents the occurrence of loading dock accidents resulting from fork trucks, pallet jacks and pedestrians falling off the dock when the overhead door is open. The flex hinge design dissipates impact energy to withstand multiple impacts from forklifts, pallet jacks, or pallets. NOVA’s Sentinel™ dock door safety gate is finished in a durable, highly visible safety yellow powder coat and is extremely low maintenance.

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Heavy-Duty Security Gates

Illinois Engineered Products (IEP), also known as FG Fred, is the leading manufacture of folding security gates in the industry. Heavy-duty folding security gates secure dock and receiving doors, garage doors, storefront doorways and many other opening types. Through IEP we have a wide array of security gates available, from door gates to portable access control gates and many others. IEP’s gates are made with galvanized steel to endure years of use at your facility.

Loading Dock Door Safety Net Cleveland Akron

Dock Door Safety Netting

Whether you’re looking for light impact and personnel protection, or you’re looking to stop a fork truck from going off your loading dock, we have the protection for you! Offered in an array of options and features, dock door netting mounts to your dock wall or door bollards, making for easy installation. The safety orange, 1″ wide polyester is durable and designed for long-lasting use. Debris screens are also available to prevent contamination and preserve and airflow.

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Industrial Safety Enclosures

Through our partnership with PFlow, we offer industrial safety enclosures of many styles. The safety enclosures we provide our clients are built with quality and are code approved to provide maximum safety protection for VRC installations. The enclosure sides are made using 8″ high expanded metal with standard panels being 6″ to 5′ wide, painted to match the lift. All mounting hardware is included and non-standard sizes and specifications are available upon request.

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