Equipment Services

If you’re searching for a transparent provider of anything from equipment installations to maintaining your equipment, you’ve come to the right place! Serving the Cleveland and Akron region, we offer an array of facility services to keep product moving on and off your loading dock. Our professional technicians are trained on installing and servicing your equipment. We also offer loading dock design, equipment upgrades and product demos to further assist you.

Professional Services at Excel Solutions

From replacing a dock leveler spring to designing your dock, we work across all industries which means we understand key drivers behind successfully maintaining your equipment to save you money down the road. Call us today and find out why hundreds of facilities across the region have placed their trust in us and our knowledge to better serve their needs.

And now, we offer loading dock parts and accessories online with quick shipping, which translates into less down-time for your equipment! Transparency and quick service are important to you and us alike. We’re here to be your partner and work with you to make certain your equipment works for you, and not against you.

New Installations

Although this is a service commonly offered by industrial equipment suppliers, the work out team puts out is not. Our team of technicians consist of…

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Parts & Service

Finding the right service team responsible for keeping your equipment running properly isn’t always the easiest task. Whether they’re weeks late…

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Concrete Repair

Loading docks that are in poor condition can be just as unsafe (let alone inefficient) as loading docks without trailer restraints or proper dock seals. Improving…

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Equipment Upgrades

Throughout our meetings with clients, the question comes up: How can we enhance the safety and performance of our dock without replacing our existing…

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Planned Maintenance

Any business, small or large, knows that down equipment is cause for headache and dead-weight loss for your organization. We know it too. It’s our goal to avoid…

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Product Demonstrations

Available through our partnership with Poweramp, product demonstrations are available at your facility or at Poweramp’s headquarters in Germantown…

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Loading Dock Design

Navigating the terrain of loading dock equipment can be challenging as there are many variables to take into account and a great deal of knowledge…

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AIA Presentations

Through our partnership with Poweramp, we offer AIA registered presentations. Our AIA presentations provide valuable information on dock…

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