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Tips for Maintaining Your Warehouse Dock Doors

Dock doors are an integral part of warehouse operations. They provide security, closure, and access to your facility for materials handling operations. Maintaining warehouse dock doors is important to minimize operating costs while maximizing employee safety and comfort. Please note: unless you are a qualified door mechanic, do not attempt to adjust or repair door components. Here are a few useful tips to keep up with maintenance on your doors.

Devise a maintenance schedule

Preventive maintenance is heavily influenced based on door use. At minimum, bi-annual lubrication and inspection is recommended. For high use doors, opting for a quarterly or monthly maintenance interval is recommended.

Inspect and replace weather seals

Door weather seals are a necessity for keeping a clean facility and maintaining a controlled interior environment. During routine inspections, check the perimeter weather seal for missing pieces, wear and tears. Weather strips are found on the top, bottom, and sides of a sectional door. It is also a good time to wipe them clean from dirt and debris. If your facility has a problem with rodents or bugs, consider replacing your weather seal with a tighter, rodent-repelling seal.

Inspect for damage

Inspecting your door for damage is important to the doors' operation and structure. Door damage can compromise safety and often will impede the operation. Inspect your door for frayed cables, unsecured or damaged track, pinched guides, roller and hinge operation, and related components. Slat or section damage is a common occurrence and should be resolved for security and safety. Address damage when found to avoid costlier repairs down the road. During your inspection, make sure to tighten all screws and nuts on bolts. Check for corrosion and replace fasteners as needed.

Motor operation

If your door is equipped with a motor operator, test and inspect the safety features of the door. Ensure photo eyes are aligned and detect objects. If your door is equipped with a bottom edge detector, place an object under the door to test its reversal.

Lubricate moving parts

Movement and friction go hand-in-hand. Make sure you lubricate moving parts like operator chains, rollers and hinges to maintain a smooth operation. Avoid lubricants that attract dirt. The best option is lithium grease or silicone spray. Use a rag to clean up drips and overspray.

Doors are an area of high interaction at a building. Whether they are allow for vehicle access or material movement, regularly maintenance is necessary for resolving safety concerns and reducing overall operating costs. If you're in the Northeast Ohio area, leave it to the pros and call us for overhead door service.