Tracking Loading Dock Activity with myQ

Tracking Loading Dock Activity with myQ

There have been many advancements in technology around the world and in recent times, these advancements have arrived in the warehousing, and specifically, loading dock industry.

Companies find themselves becoming more and more efficient with moving product and a key component of that is tracking progress and activity. Such tracking makes it possible to find hiccups and errors in processing to meet deadlines and improve worker morale.

For the loading dock, this comes in the way of myQ by LiftMaster and Systems. With myQ, no longer is it a problem directing truck traffic to an open dock or finding out which docks have a problem. Simply open the dashboard and monitor your dock activities, all from one place.

myQ uses sensors and the cloud to track, monitor, and report all loading dock activities for ease of use and decision making from the front down. This includes maintenance history and reporting for the most efficient dock possible.

You'll also be a friend to truck drivers who do not have to sit and wait for an open dock. Monitoring your activity allows easy communication with information at hand, literally!

To learn more about applying myQ to your loading docks in the Northeast Ohio area, please reach out to us at 855-951-4499.

A helpful myQ brochure is attached here for more information.

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