Metabo 602057800 9gal HEPA Vac w/ AutoClean filter

Metabo 602057800 9gal HEPA Vac w/ AutoClean filter

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Metabo 602057800 9gal HEPA Vac w/ AutoClean filter

The Metabo ASR35 ACP HEPA Auto Clean Plus Vacuum Cleaner is a 9-gallon all-purpose wet/dry HEPA rated vacuum that features a powerful 11 amp, 1,400 watt motor that delivers an impressive 248 mBar of vacuum pressure with 157 CFM. It includes two washable HEPA filters with unique Auto Clean filter technology. Sensors measure the pressure before and after the filters and initiate the automatic MPulse electromagnetic cleaning process when necessary. Each filter is capable of handling 100% of the air flow, so in auto clean mode the unit cleans one filter at a time, allowing the vacuum to be used continuously without losing suction. An integrated power inlet with automatic start allows a power tool to be plugged directly into the vacuum and will automatically turn on the vacuum when the power tool is turned on. When the power tool is switched off the vacuum will run for an additional 7 seconds to evacuate any dust in the hose and then will automatically turn off. The power inlet includes current control to limit the current to high demand tools in order to prevent overloading a breaker. The ASR35 ACP HEPA was designed with two extra-large rear wheels, front casters, and a 1-1/2" x 16' crush-proof suction hose for heavy duty continuous use in the toughest workshop or construction applications. The HEPA vacuum meets full unit HEPA requirements meaning the vacuum is sealed to capture 99.995% of particulate matter down to 0.3 microns and is approved for hazardous wood dusts (beech/oak), mineral dusts, carcinogenic dusts, lead paint, cadmium, concrete and masonry dust, asbestos dust, and dusts containing pathogens such as mold, mildew, and bacteria (corresponds to dust class H in EU).


Weight: 45.1 lbs
Equipped with HEPA filter: stops 99.995% of fine dusts over 0.3 µm
AutoClean: Cost and time savings through automatic MPulse filter cleaning in continuous use
Especially suited for extracting concrete and rock dust
Suction power control for adapted suction performance
If the optimum suction performance falls below a certain level, the filters are vibrated immediately
Automatic shut-down when vacuuming liquids once the maximum fill level is reached
Power socket for a power tool for using the automatic start-up/shut-down of the vacuum cleaner
Compact vacuum cleaner for liquids and dry solids with commercial registration
Automatic trailing mechanism for emptying the suction hose completely
Anti-static basic equipment prevents static charge when using appropriate accessories
Sturdy thanks to especially large wheels and castor with wheel stop
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